Sunday, November 1, 2009

Like Father like daughters?

Dave took the girls golfing one last time before the weather turned a couple of weeks ago. Natalie golfs like me, and thinks that you have to hit the ball with all the force you can muster. She got a little frustrated and liked driving the cart instead. Ashley is a great golfer, she has the patience and determination for the game and loves to go hit balls with Dave. Look at how awesome her swing is! I love that there is a sport that my girls will hopefully enjoy playing with their dad....since the thought of Dave dancing or doing gymnastics with them is VERY unlikely :D

This is my first attempt to create a collage. It's not fancy and one of the pictures looks like crap, but oh well. Maybe that will help any other attempts look that much better. I had to pick an event where just a few pictures were taken to experiment and this was it. Now on to the heavier lifting...
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  1. I love your collage. It's awesome. Your title is so clever. I can't see Dave doing gymnastics, ballet I could see. How funny would that be. Can he even point his toes. Did you do it on Picasa. Looks like you know what you are doing.

  2. DJ doesn't golf, so it looks like he's stuck doing ballet or gymnastics. Actually, he was playing volleyball with Tay in the pool last month... that just may be "their" thing. As far as Ginny goes, he'll just have to do anything to keep her out of trouble (sigh).

  3. Lucky girls. Golf is a fine sport to enjoy. It doesn't make you sweat unless it's hot outside.

  4. I love that your girls can hang with the Dad on the course! I remember loving hitting a bucket of balls with my dad. I need to kick J.P.'s behind for not getting out there with Savvy.
    No wonder she cries when she gets hit with an air soft gun!:)
    miss you!

  5. Looks Fun. I was never very good at golf.

  6. I love your collage! Way to go! AND did you switch your colors again?? You always keep it "caught on" to blogging quick!

    Okay and got to say, I love that DAVe is golfing with girls....awesome. That was me. I loved sports and playing with the boys! I think it's great! Way to go...

    Hope you had a great Halloween! Maybe c u later??